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Fixing SAP Sales Document Details Lightning Flows Cloned from Surface v1.7.x or v1.8.x


When you upgrade to Surface v1.9.1+ from v1.7.x or v1.8.x, you need to modify any customized SAP Sales Document Details flows that use the Sales Doc Flow component. Follow these steps:

  • Edit the Items Detail screen for Delivery, Invoice, and Sales Document.

  • Within each detail screen, choose SAP Sales DocFlow Search. Under Store Output Values
    • Remove {!sapDocumentId} from SAP document Id (Input).
    • Remove {!selectedDocFlowType} from Sales Document Flow Type (Input).
    • Add {!sapDocumentId} to Next SAP document Id (Output).
    • Add {!selectedDocFlowType} to Next Sales Document Flow Type (Output).