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All upgrades should be performed in a Sandbox Environment first to validate that any customizations are functioning along with any additional enosix components for Transact, CPQ, or Commerce. Check the installation list and version requirements or the latest release notes for required SAP package updates.

Upgrade Considerations

Note: If you are are on a version before 1.10, please contact enosix Support for assistance.

  • If you’re upgrading to Surface v1.10+ from 1.9.5 or below, page layouts become invalid because of an issue with the way field presets are stored on the record pages. To overcome this situation, you must click on the affected app pages that use custom field presets. You should record all existing values before you upgrade since existing values in the app editor will be lost. After the upgrade, you can manually reconfigure your app pages with your recorded values.
  • If you’re upgrading to Surface v1.9.1+ from 1.7.x or 1.8.x, you need to modify any customized SAP Sales Document Details flows that use the Sales Doc Flow component. Follow the instructions located here: Fixing SAP Sales Document Details flows cloned from v1.7.x or v1.8.x.
  • If you’re upgrading to Surface v1.9.1+ from 1.6 or below, follow the instructions located here review the release notes below for upgrade instructions

Release Notes

1.10.1 and Later

See for the latest release notes.

1.10 - Summer '20 - 07/20

Why did we build this?

Version 1.10 contains the bug fixes described below. It also displays our new branding.

Features & Changes

  • [Fix] Data is now displayed in the item detail delivery block description field when configured using Flow.
  • [Fix] Connection logic no longer assumes the endpoint has no query string.
  • [Fix] Now able to see entire flow pop up modal when viewing in the Sales / Service Console.
  • [Fix] Sales Document Flow now displays item details correctly on desktop.
  • [Fix] Permission Sets now include Run Flows permission.
  • [Fix] FlexiPage tabs are no longer deprecated - removed "(Deprecated)" from label.
  • [Fix] There is no longer a misleading error message when a client updates the Sales Doc Flow custom metadata for Delivery or Invoice to reference a custom tab.
  • [Fix] Made it easier to configure Custom Fields by using API name instead of ID.
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with backward navigation of detail pages.
  • [Fix] Flow user setting is now checked in document search components.
  • [New] Removed Tile view mode from Lightning components.
  • [New] Updated to the new enosix branding.
  • [New] Added the flow override to the Advanced Sales Doc Search Component.

1.9.5 - Spring '20 - 04/20

Features & Changes

  • Back port of feature in v1.10 to allow for specifying additional query string parameters in named credentials.

1.9.4 - Spring '20 I - 01/20

Why did we build this?

Version 1.9.4 fixes the error in the Sales Doc Flow component that occurred when you navigated to another document and the browser displayed a Lightning error with the message "[NoErrorObjectAvailable] Script error."

Features & Changes

  • [Fix] Doc Flow has been patched to fix a bug found during regression testing of the Spring '20 updates.

1.9.1 - Fall '19 I - 09/19

Why did we build this?

Versions 1.9 + 1.9.1 were created to address issues with utilizing Sales Document Flow and navigation for Lightning Flow. There were issues with caching on the Salesforce side related to when navigating back within several steps of a Sales Document flow. In addition, fixed bugs surrounding custom fields and headers were added to ensure any user-exit custom fields are displayed properly on mobile + Lightning Flow.

In versions 1.6.x and below the delivery and invoice detail flexi-page components for the sales document header and line items were in a single component, in subsequent releases the header and line items were split into separate components. After the upgrade the new items components will need to be added to any customized versions of the sales documents flexi pages. Edit Page -> Components -> drag/drop "SAP Invoice Items" underneath the "SAP Invoice Detail" header component. And the same with "SAP Delivery Items" underneath the "SAP Delivery Detail" component.

Features & Changes

  • [Fix] Doc Flow has been modified to include a Starting Sales Document and Selected Sales Document to ensure that cached values are ignored when navigating back in a Lightning Flow.
  • [Fix] Custom field and label display on list objects are fixed for mobility.

1.8.0 - Summer '19 III - 08/19

Why did we build this?

Version 1.8 was created to fill the Lightning Flow gap for the Advanced Sales Document Search components. In addition to this major addition, bug fixes were made and context clues were added within the SAP Document Flow Details flow steps.

Features & Changes

  • [New] Advanced Sales Document Search Flow enabled
    • Pre-built flow included with the release
  • [Fix] Doc Flow inside of the Flow Version doesn't correctly reflect which document you are on.
  • [Fix] Error displayed when Lightning Flows are used within a Console.

1.7.0 - Summer '19 II - 06/19

Why did we build this?

Version 1.7 was originally driven by customer feedback. Prior versions of SAP Customer 360º (<=1.6.1) didn't allow for usage within mobility and communities. The original ticket was issued to fix mobility. Several attempts were tried with the current architecture (navigation to FlexiPage), but all proved unfruitful. Based on the success of a few customers using Lightning Flow, this became the preferred approach.

Mobility was a requirement and many customers requested Communities. This release supports both and allows for extensibility by partners or admins.

To enable the previous behavior the existing page links will need to be entered into the corresponding "Override Default Page Link (Optional)" field for any standard pages. If a page was customized then the existing customizations will be used.

SAP Sales Doc Search : ensxapp__SAP_Sales_Doc

SAP Invoice Search: ensxapp__SAP_Invoice

SAP Delivery Search: ensxapp__SAP_Delivery

On any customized detail page the SAP Sales Doc Detail Items, SAP Invoice Items, and SAP Delivery Items components will need to have the "Use overlay and tab navigation" checkbox enable.

Features & Changes

  • [New] Navigation update to allow for usage with Salesforce Lightning Flow.
  • [New] Update to allow for usage with Mobility (via Salesforce Lightning Flow & Quick Actions).
  • [Fix] Horizontal scroll bar visibility issue for lists (the bottom row was clipped).

1.6.1 - Summer '19 - 04/19 (05/19)

1.6.0 - Spring '19 - 02/19

  • [New] The Connection Test screen now recognizes SAP Connection Settings defined at the Profile and User levels in addition to the Organization level.
  • [Fix] Issue navigating to another detail view after using the browser back button.
  • [Fix] Error "itemDetail is not visible" in SAP Sales Doc Item(Tab) in Design Mode in App Builder when User has Debug Mode for Lightning Components Enabled.

1.5 - Summer '18

  • [New] Sales Doc Detail Conditions Tab Lightning Component
  • [New] Invoice Detail Conditions Tab Lightning Component

1.4 - Doc Flow

  • [New] Foundation for enosiX SDK and Extension packages
  • [New] Advanced Order Search Lightning Component
  • [New] SAP Doc Flow Lightning Component

1.3 - Opportunity Pricing

  • [New] Action to allow for pricing of Opportunities using SAP pricing.
  • [New] Salesforce to SAP Product Material Linking

1.2.1 - Navigation Fixes

  • [Fix] Issue with navigating to details views in Salesforce Console.

1.2 -Order/Quote History

  • [New] SAP Sales Doc Search Lightning Component
  • [New] SAP Delivery Search Lightning Component
  • [New] SAP Invoice Search Lightning Component

1.1 - Customer Information

  • [New] SAP Customer Detail Lightning Component
  • [New] SAP Customer Partners Lightning Component
  • [New] SAP Customer Sales Areas Lightning Component
  • [New] SAP Customer Company Lightning Component
  • [New] Salesforce Account to SAP Customer Linking

1.0 - enosiX Framework

  • [New] Connection Settings
  • [New] Connection Test