Installation List and Version Requirements

To get Surface up and running, you need to install the packages listed below.
If you’re upgrading to a new release of Surface, please review the release notes for all releases between your current Surface version and the latest version to determine any additional steps that you must complete.
  • enosix Link Backend - v2.2.22.0 - This package is optional if you’re using an existing proxy.
  • SAP SAINT Package - Contact enosix customer support to obtain the correct packages that you need to install for your SAP system.
    • enosix SAP Framework version
    • enosix SAP SFCI Components version
  • Surface - For Surface versions prior to 2.0 version, use the Connection Test or Connection Settings screen to check for compatibility. Surface versions 2.0+ report the installed enosix SAINT Packages of the connected SAP system. Check the table below for compatibility of the reported versions for the enosix SAP Framework and enosix SAP SFCI Components with the Surface Salesforce Package.

Surface Package Compatibility

Required versions:
Surface Version
enosix SAP Framework Version
enosix SAP SFCI Component Version
266_700 0408
168_700 0408
266_700 0408
168_700 0408
261_750 0000
165_750 0000
261_750 0000
163_700 000
261_750 0000
163_700 0000
Connection Settings Screen