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What is enosix Sync for Salesforce?

enosix Sync for Salesforce is a no-code, point-and-click data sync solution that allows you to connect your SAP and Salesforce systems with a batch sync process. The sync process is designed to be flexible and configurable to meet your company's needs.

Mappings can be changed by Salesforce admins for maintenance, and SAP RIO changes do not require code generation. Salesforce admins can also manage the sync, with no APEX development resources required, as well as use your SAP data in Salesforce reports and Formula fields since it is copied to Salesforce.

enosix Sync for Salesforce allows for rapid development of mappings and testing. It has a library of plugins for filtering and transforming data with UI configuration. You can filter data by records, value swapping, aggregates, and constants, and can run in testing mode to preview data integration. It has built-in logging and error resolution, easy-to-configure scheduling, and change management tools for moving from Development to QA to Production.

Installation Instructions

To install enosix Sync, you need to have the following:

  • Valence installed in your Salesforce account.
  • enosix Sync installed in your Salesforce account.
  • the enosix SAP adapter installed in your SAP server.

Post Installation:

  • The user will need to have the Valence User permission set assigned to them.
  • A Named Credential will need to be created in Salesforce to connect to the SAP adapter.

Once enosix Sync for Salesforce is installed, refer to the Quick Start guide for usage instructions.