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enosix Connect is an SAP-certified integration platform that provides a simple way for developers to interact with SAP business processes and data by eliminating the need for SAP expertise or Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) knowledge. enosix Connect publishes a REST API that allows you to read, create, and update SAP data directly from your front-end system.

enosix Connect REST API Swagger site

enosix Connect sits on top of the enosix framework, an SAP-certified add-on to SAP ECC and S/4HANA. The framework includes a proprietary, patent-pending communication module that allows enosix Connect to avoid the restrictions of the native SAP Gateway. Additionally, it includes pre-built Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) and Remote Function Calls (RFCs) that provide a dramatically simplified approach to common operations on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data and the ability to simplify the execution of a variety of transactions. The RIOs are fully customizable (and can also be created by you) to handle unique fields and logic. They also automatically call any pre-built custom exits to ensure the business logic that’s already in your SAP system gets used automatically, every time.

enosix Connect then translates these RIOs (as well as any RFCs you want to expose directly) into a REST API to enable access to SAP data and business processes from your front-end systems. Our API endpoints are OpenAPI compliant and each has an OpenAPI portal, providing documentation and testing capabilities for your developers. For security purposes, your sensitive ERP data is never hosted on (or even passes through) enosix servers.

The enosix platform supports key business process scenarios (such as lead to cash, opportunity to cash, and procurement to cash) through pre-built integration templates that are tested, reusable, extensible, scalable, and designed to enable a seamless user interface for your customers.