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Configure Your SAP Connection

You need to configure your SAP connection so your users can access real-time SAP data from Salesforce.

Configure Your Connection

Follow these steps to configure your SAP connection:

  • Click on the App Launcher grid icon at the top-left side of your Salesforce instance.
  • Find the enosix Framework link and click it.

Check your Connection Settings

  • Click the enosix Connection Settings tab in the enosix Framework Connection Settings screen.

  • If your SAP connection hasn't been configured, please configure it here.

    NOTE: The Host drop-down lists selections from previously created Named Credentials (see Creating Named Credentials if your configuration is not listed).

  • Enter an appropriate value for each field.

TIP: The timeout value is measured in seconds. The maximum value supported is 120.

Test Your Connection

  • Click the Test Connection button.
  • If your connection settings are incorrect, you'll see a message like the one shown in the screenshot below. If this occurs, check the named credential entries in setup and run the Connection Test again.

  • If the connection was successful and SAP connection settings are valid, you'll see this confirmation message:

  • After you confirm that your SAP configuration is valid, click Save if you entered new settings.

Note: Verify the reported version of the SAP Framework and SAP SFCI Components match the supported version listed in Surface Package Compatibility

Your SAP Connection is configured and ready to use.