Link Salesforce Account to SAP Customer

Follow these steps to link a Salesforce account to an SAP customer:
  • From an account in Salesforce, select the SAP Customer Link action.

Search for your SAP Customer

  • Use the displayed fields to enter search criteria for your SAP Customer.​
  • Click the Link button to the left of the SAP Customer you wish to link to the Salesforce account.​​

Confirm Your Selection

  • Click the Link button to confirm that this is the Customer you wish to link your Salesforce Account to.​​
You've now linked your Salesforce Account with an SAP Customer!
You'll be able to see all the details in your Lightning components which you can insert into your existing layouts.


Error: You do not have permission to link SAP customers.

This error occurs when the user attempting to link an SAP customer does not have edit access to the field configured to contain the SAP Customer Number. To resolve this situation, grant edit permissions to the mapped field or see SAP Customer Configuration for directions on how to map a different field.