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Getting Started

enosix Surface and its associated components are designed for quick 1-2 day implementations. Below are the overall steps for installation and configuration.

Note: The first 3 implementation steps can be run in parallel by different teams to accelerate implementations even faster!

Install SAP

The SAP Installation process should be completed by your SAP BASIS team. The links below are the installation procedures for installing the required SAP Components. Our Support team can assist with guided installations by requesting support.

Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy provides connectivity between Salesforce and your SAP systems. enosix provides a cloud based reverse proxy you can quickly host on SAP Cloud, or you any use an existing reverse proxy controlled by your network administrators.

Install Surface

Installation of the Salesforce Approved managed package is completed by your Salesforce Administrator or supporting staff. Our Support team can assist with guided installation & training by requesting support.

Set Up Connection

Now that all systems are in place it is time to connect them together, and perform end to end connectivity validation.

Configure Components

With all systems configured and Salesforce communicating with SAP, it is time to start adding the Surface Components to Salesforce.