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Refreshing an API


New fields can be added to RIOs after they have already been added to a Package as an API and deployed to an App. In order for these changes to be reflected, the API needs to be re-pulled, re-packaged, and re-deployed.


To illustrate the process of refreshing an API for a deployed app, here is an example of updating a Material detail API so that it reflects a SALES_DATA field recently added to the underlying EnosixMaterial RIO.

Running App with original API

In the image below, the structure of the Material detail (read-only) API contains EnosixMaterial, BASIC_DATA_1, BASIC_DATA_2, PLANT_DATA, and Result.

The original API

Re-pull the API

In order to re-pull an API, it must be deleted from the project on the API screen:

re-added by clicking the Select APIs button:

Re-package the APIs

The re-pulled APIs can now be put into a new package following the existing process to Make a Package.

Re-deploy the refreshed API and verify updates

The newly created Package can be Published by following the existing process, selecting the newly created package. After the publish is successful, navigate to the running App and verify the updated fields are now present:

The updated API, now with SALES_DATA between PLANT_DATA and Result