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Hiding and Displaying Fields


Surface provides the ability to Hide or Show columns in search components and fields on detail components. To control fields open the flexi-page layout in the lightning app builder or edit the flow screen in flow builder. By default the components will display a subset of all fields possible, additional fields can be turned on. If there is not a corresponding field on the component, proceeded to adding it using the custom field configuration.

Lightning Flows

For example, in the SAP Sales Doc Search component, you may want to display the Ship-To City, but hide the Ship-To Region.

Lightning Flow: SAP Sales Doc Search

Open the Screen in the flow and select the component in the edit screen. Locate the Display Ship-To City property in the property pane. Enter the text {!$GlobalConstant.True} to display or {!$GlobalConstant.False} to hide.

Note: The components in the flow screen editor do not display a preview of the changes, this is a limitation of the Flow Screen Editor.

For more details on editing flow screen components see Configure Custom Fields using Lightning Flow.


Open the flexiPage on the record that is currently being viewed. Select the enosix Surface Component in the lightning app builder.

FlexiPage: SAP Sales Doc Search on account page

In the property editor use the check boxes to Hide or show fields for the component. The changes will cause the component to update displaying the state. Ensure to save and activate the page layout.