enosix Link Proxy

Detailed documentation for enosix Link is available on the enosix Link Product page.


​SAP offers as part of SAP BTP/Cloud Foundry, SAP Cloud Connector that runs inside your firewall and opens a secure tunnel between your SAP ERP system and Cloud Applications. Using the enosix Link appliance deployed to the SAP Cloud Foundry instance on your account (that you completely own, control, and manage), a proxy to connect Salesforce and SAP ERP can be achieve.

Key features

  1. 1.
    The firewall for the on-premise network does not need to open an inbound port.
  2. 2.
    Provides a secure connection with standard HTTPS with 2-way Transport Level (TLS) Encryption.
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    enosix Link uses SAP Cloud Connector (that comes with SAP Cloud Foundry) and a proxy server running in SAP Cloud to establish a secure end-to-end channel from Salesforce to SAP ERP.
    • This solution is fully supported by SAP.
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    The enosix Link app can run in any data center supported by SAP Cloud Foundry (from providers including AWS, Azure, GCP, and SAP), so you can put it close to your other applications, if desired.

Is enosix Link required?

Clients are welcome to use their own reverse proxy solution, see requirements for using a custom proxy.


SalesForce to Link
Salesforce Connects to your instance of SAP Cloud foundry running the enosix Link appliance.
  • The connection between Salesforce Org and the Link app uses a randomly generated SAP domain for client and API key authentication.
  • Uses TLS 1.2 with an API key authentication, managed in the client's Salesforce org via URL with included token.

SAP Cloud Connector

SAP Cloud Connectivity
Link proxies request to SAP Cloud Connector using SAP Cloud Foundry Connectivity Service.
  • The secure SSH tunnel between SAP Cloud and SAP Cloud Connector server runs on-premises, over port 443.
  • Provides email alerts and monitoring of the connection available from SAP Cloud.

Cloud Connector to On Prem SAP ERP

SAP Cloud to ERP
SAP Cloud Connector uses an outbound Web Socket tunnel for connecting on-premise SAP ERP systems to SAP Cloud.
  • Client-configured via web interface connections to SAP servers.
  • Multiple environments can be provisioned.
  • Can create a redundant SAP Cloud Connector instance for failover.
  • Supports monitoring an logging
More details are available on the enosix Link Product page.