How to Enable enosix Logging

  • Navigate to Setup.
  • Use the Setup Quick Find box to search for "Custom Settings", then click the Custom Settings link.
  • Click the Manage link next to enosix Log Setting.
  • Click the New button (or click Edit if it's already created).
  • Enter the activating logging settings as shown below: HTTP Trace: Checked Log Sink: ensxtx_UTIL_EnsxAppLogSink Logging Level: 1 NOTE: If the latest packaging is deployed, the log sink should be ensxtx_UTIL_EnsxAppLogSink.
  • Navigate to the App Launcher.
  • Click enosix Framework.
  • Click the enosix Logs tab.
  • Click Search to display the latest log entries.
    TIP: You may need to re-access the components to generate new entries. After doing so, you'll see the entries listed on this page.